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ASTM F3125 High Strength Structural Bolts (120 ksi & 150 ksi)

In grades:

A325 Type I & III Heavy Hex Bolts

A490 Type I & III Heavy Hex Bolts

with A563 Heavy Hex Nuts and F436 Hardened Flat Washers

F1852 / A325 Tension Control (TC Bolts)

F2280 / A490 Tension Control (TC Bolts)

In finishes:

Plain - Hot Dip or Mechanically Galvanized

F1136 Zn/Al Dacromet® & Geomet®

F2833 Zn/Al Magni 565®

Other products:

Weld Studs - Anchor Bolts - Tie-Rod Assemblies

Concrete Mechanical - Adhesive Anchors

Low Carbon (A307) Bolts